Monday, 22 January 2007

Seeds of Fire

Myles Horton is an inspirational figure in the field of social change education. His early work in the Applachian Mountains began in the 1930s based on the goal of providing education and support to poor and working people fighting economic injustice, poverty, prejudice, and environmental destruction. Horton founded the Highlander Center in 1932 to serve as an adult education centre for community workers involved in social and economic justice movements. Horton worked to help grassroots leaders create the tools necessary for building broad-based movements for change. The subtitle for this blog "Unearthing Seeds of Fire" comes from the title of a book on Horton by Frank Adams.

Cyberspace now offers a new range of tools for grassroots leaders as they work to build collective strength and bring about change. The initial intention of this blog is to explore how union educators, those who work with workplace activists and leaders, can use technology to enhance our programmes and, more importantly, how union educators can support union activists to take technology into their own hands as they organise and work for change.

For more info on Myles Horton check out this page on wikipedia or this bio.

Picture: Myles Horton (left) with Paulo Freire