Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Glogster: A New Tool Worth Trying?

A friend recently tweeted about a video made by a US school student on her Personal Learning Environment. Watching the video I noticed one of the tools she was using that I hadn't come across before - a glog. I checked it out and, while it's mainly the utilised by emo kids creating paean's to teen angst, it does seem to offer some opportunities for collective engagement around an issue or event.

A Glog is basically an on-line collage poster. You collect bits and pieces of text, images, video, links and sound and place them on a web page. It's highly configurable and there are a number of templates and tools you can utilise. (I found a useful glog tutorial on Slideshare)

Delegates could use it to create an on-line resource about a workplace or sector issue, or it could be utilised to reinforce learning at union education.

The Glog is a free resource that seems to be funded by advertising on the homepage. The glog itself can be visited as a stand-alone site or you can embed them into other sites. The glog can be public or private.

I had a play and created this glog to try the tools out. I've embedded it below, or you can visit the stand-alone page for a better viewing experience.

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